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Free Date Idea Generator

Dating and keeping romance alive in a relationship takes creativity and effort. It can be challenging to constantly come up with new, exciting date ideas. Enjoy our free date idea generator that will help you take the guesswork out of planning dates. Press "Generate" and you will have a free date idea selected from roughly 500 different options. This date idea generator takes the pressure off having to constantly create exciting new date ideas yourself.

Examples of Our Free Date Suggestions

For Outdoor Enthusiasts

  • Have a picnic in a local park or your backyard. Pack snacks, blankets, and games.

  • Go for a scenic bike ride around your neighborhood or on local trails. Stop to enjoy views.

  • Go on a hike through nearby nature reserves or woodland areas. Pack water and trail mix.

  • Visit a beach or lake for swimming and sunbathing. Build sandcastles and go for a dip.

  • Go stargazing on a clear night. Bring blankets and gaze at the cosmos.

For Homebodies

  • Have a movie night at home with your favorite films, snacks, and blankets.

  • Cook dinner together using ingredients you already have. Play music and chat.

  • Build a blanket fort in your living room for a cozy movie night inside.

  • Have a game night with board games, card games, video games, or puzzles. Order takeout.

  • Do a DIY spa night with face masks, massages, and relaxing music.

For Artsy Couples

  • Take an online dance class together and learn a fun new style.

  • Visit a local art gallery on a free admission day and admire the works.

  • Take free virtual museum tours online or go when admission is free.

  • Have a photo shoot around your home or neighborhood. Get creative with poses.

  • Attend a free concert in a local park or a free community movie screening.

For Foodies

  • Go to a farmer's market and sample all the seasonal produce.

  • Cook a new recipe together you've been wanting to try. Use ingredients you have.

  • Visit a local bakery and admire the tasty creations. Bring cash for a treat.

  • Have a themed dinner night at home with cuisines from a specific region. Research recipes.

  • Do a free tea or coffee tasting at home with samples you already have. Compare flavor notes.

For Thrill Seekers

  • Visit a local skate park and try skateboarding or rollerblading. Bring safety gear!

  • Have a Nerf gun battle around your home and backyard. Build forts and barriers.

  • Do a living room obstacle course with furniture and pillows. Time each other racing through.

  • Play an active video game that gets you off the couch and moving together.

  • Try out playground equipment at a local park. See who can swing the highest!

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