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13 Fall Date Ideas To Make Sure You Gobble Up His Stuffing

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

The leaves are turning, pumpkin spice is brewing, and romance is in the air! Autumn's arrival is the perfect time to break out of your dating rut and sweep your crush off his feet. Instead of just remarking on the weather, get his attention with fun, festive activities perfect for the season.

This Thanksgiving, put down the pumpkin pie and pick up exciting new fun date ideas to spice up chilly nights. From apple picking adventures to scary movie marathons, you can craft clever ways to connect and make that special guy fall head over heels.

happy couple on a fall date night enjoying cherry pie and turkey with stuffing

Here are 13 fall date ideas to grab your lover's heart this fall:

Cozy Up with Cider and Conversation

As temperatures drop, warm your budding relationship conversation over steaming mugs of apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes. Find a quaint local coffee shop or cozy cafe to leisurely chat heart-to-heart over seasonal sippers. With cell phones off the table, you can learn all about your date's dreams, passions, and what shaped him into the person he is.

In turn, reveal your goals, quirks, and overshare childhood memories that will have him chuckling. During lulls, People watch out the window and invent amusing fictional backstories about passersby to keep the laughs flowing. If you really want to knock his socks off, buy his drink to show you're happy to treat!

A quiet date idea or date night will start things off and have him anticipating what else you have to offer.

Cuddle Up for a Corny Rom-Com Movie Night

When the weather outside is frightful, suggest a movie night snuggled up with your crush instead of braving the cold. For lighthearted laughs, choose a cheesy romantic comedy overflowing with meet-cutes and happily everafters. As you admire the on-screen chemistry between characters, cuddle closer with your own leading man.

Pause for commentary about plot twists and playfully debate whether you'd rather freeze time like in Groundhog Day or relive a day repeatedly like in 50 First Dates. For an extra adorable twist, surprise him with themed snacks like candy "red vines" for Licorice Pizza or "ben and jerry's" ice cream for How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Movie nights in make intimacy easier plus you can hit pause on the film (and lean in for a kiss) whenever you'd like!

Tackle a Turkey Trot or 5K Together

Skip the Food Coma! Instead, gobble up some adrenaline together by participating in a fun 5K or Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning before feasting later. Whether you're athletic or more of an enthusiastic amateur, moving your bodies gets your hearts pumping and endorphins flowing. Make your run through charming fall foliage more flirty by holding hands across the finish line and rewarding yourselves with a sweaty selfie smooch.

Don't want to wake up early? Sign up for a family-friendly evening run and bring flashlights. Greet each other at the starting line with silly stuffed turkey hats or Pilgrim props. Then, rehydrate and refuel in the spirit of the holiday with mini pumpkin pies at the finish! Ample laughter and friendly competition make for the perfect pre-dinner appetizer.

If you love morning dates, check out these unique morning date ideas worth the rise and shine!

Revisit Your Roots with Fall Date Ideas of Family Dinner

Make your crush feel special by inviting him along for a cozy family dinner as you give thanks this November. Seeing snapshots of you as an awkward middle schooler in holiday photo albums will make him feel honored you're welcoming him into your family festivities.

Watch in amusement as your grandma asks him a million well-meaning questions while your dad grills him (figuratively AND literally if you have an outdoor grill). Laugh together as inside jokes from past family gatherings get retold. Then breeze the parents with your wit and manners so they approve of your plus-one!

After dinner, slip away for a romantic evening stroll together and gush to each other about how well it went. For bonus romance points, stop to point out Orion's belt or other constellations twinkling overhead.

Get Goofy with DIY Turkey Costumes

Want to really get into that Thanksgiving spirit? I suggest you and your date create ridiculous DIY turkey costumes together! Raid thrift shops to find brown and red clothing items, then accessorize with bizarre homemade turkey parts.

See who can come up with the most absurd turkey get-ups. Maybe you'll sport a feather boa beard, felt wattle necklace, and cardboard snood headpiece. Your date could draw a plump turkey body on a brown shirt and stuff pillows under it for a rotund effect. Have a goofy photoshoot posing in your turkey garb before hitting the town to show off your silly side and creative coupling skills!

Feel the Rush on a Roller Coaster

Who says scary stuff ends once Halloween is over? Scream your way into his heart by holding hands tightly in line for the most hair-raising ride at a thrill-packed amusement park. Challenge each other to keep your eyes open on steep plummets and inversions of a roller coaster.

Then, laugh hysterically at your petrified yet exhilarated expressions in photos snapped mid-ride. Funnel Cake and hot chocolate breaks in between adrenaline-surging attractions provides the perfect opportunities to bond and hype each other up for your next heart-pounding ride. Remember, fear and thrills draw you closer!

Share Sweet Treats at a Bakery or Chocolate Shop Tour

Indulge his sweet tooth by taking your date on a tour of quirky local bakeries and chocolate shops gearing up for the holidays. Sample seasonal confections like candy cane cream puffs, spiced honey baklava, or pumpkin cheesecake brownies still warm from the oven.

As you stroll between shops sampling treats, ask thoughtful questions to learn what desserts make him nostalgic for childhood or hold deeper sentimental meaning. Make a point to remember his favorites for future romantic gestures. No pressure, just enjoy getting to know each other on deeper levels as you soak in the sugary scents. Not only can the cozy cafes provide refuge from blustery fall winds, but you'll also make heartwarming memories fueled by chocolate and laughter.

Bundle Up for a Brisk Hayride

Hop aboard a horse-drawn hay wagon and hold on tight as you jostle over trails piled high with rustling leaves. As your carriage gets pulled along, flirt by cuddling closer to ward off the chilly night air. Sip steaming cider from a thermos while pointing out harvest moon peeking through barren tree branches overhead.

To up the cozy ambiance, surprise your date by bringing a cuddly blanket to share. When the ride turns bumpy, squeeze hands and exchange thrills through fleeting kisses. By the finale, you'll be snuggled up so closely you'll forget about the cold. Playfully snap dusty selfies to capture the sweet moments.

Cheer on Teams at a College Football Game

Show your school spirit and friendly competition by cheering on your college football teams bundled up in cozy sweaters and scarves. Huddle close for warmth as you passionately root for touchdowns. Meanwhile, take time-outs to chat and continue getting to know each other on a deeper level.

Pack a picnic basket with all the classic tailgating favorites to nibble on between plays. Thermoses filled with warm apple cider or hot chocolate will fight off chill while keeping you toasty. Let your heart skip a beat as your shoulders brush reaching for snacks. Stick around after for rivalrous celebrations whether your team wins or loses. At the very least, you are sure to score points with your date for planning this lively autumn outing.

Visit a Corn Maze Hand-In-Hand

Substitute a romantic evening stroll for venturing hand-in-hand through an intricate corn maze as dusk sets in. Let yourselves get lost among the maze of maize and and scarecrows while stealing kisses at every dead end. If you get really lost and turned around, use it as an excuse to cozy up extra close!

To amp up the adrenaline and romantic suspense, opt for a maze advertised to be creepily haunted after dark, filled with lurking zombies or ghosts. Then, gallantly protect your date by guiding them out to safety before the haunts get you! Either way, sharing the thrill of meeting such a maze challenge wins you major points.

Share Your Inner Thoughts on a Nature Hike

Stroll together through the kaleidoscope of color bursting across autumn forests and fields. The serene natural setting invites you to unload about anything weighing on your mind and open up. Steal off the main trail and find a secluded tree to sit beneath while you delve into childhood stories, future aspirations, inner insecurities.

If the cozy silence between deeper discussions becomes too much, keep it light by musing about the fluttering leaves and scampering critters you spot. Whatever the topic, meandering slowly through the lush landscape clears your mind and brings you closer. Be sure to reciprocate by listening intently and sharing your own most personal reflections. Before turning back, carve your initials on a trunk to commemorate your profound heart-to-heart.

If you planned this date and it ends up raining, check out these perfect rainy date ideas that will leave you drenched in love!

Pick Apples then Bake an Apple Pie

Head to a local orchard brimming with rows of ripe, juicy apples waiting to be plucked. As you meander through the trees, challenge your date to an apple picking competition to see who can gather the most. Let your playful competitive sides emerge as you fill up bushels of honeycrisp, gala, and McIntosh varieties.

Once home, spread out pots, pans, and baking tools to create homemade apple pies together. Take turns mixing and kneading the dough, then craft creative criss-cross lattice crusts on top. While the pies bake, use any excess dough to playfully make apple-themed cookies or tartlets.

Snuggle up and savor your piping hot apple creations together as you share hungry bites. The mouthwatering aromas and flavors will fill you with nostalgia and have you falling for each other even harder. You’ll surely want to recreate this apple picking and baking date every autumn!

Enjoy Some of His Good Thanksgiving Stuffing

This one was saved for last on purpose. I'm not talking about your traditional turkey stuffing here. I'll put it straight forward for you - you are the one that should be getting stuffing from your lover after this activity.

Pick up some cherries, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. Tell your lover to create a cherry pie or whipped cream sundae in a "special spot" of your choosing. Then, have him enjoy it off of you before he delivers the stuffing. Sometimes it's better to enjoy desert before the entrée. Who knew thanksgiving could be so romantic?!

cherry pie, whipped cream sundae, romantic desert

If you want to get extra exciting, throw some peach cobbler on your peachy spot, and serve up double the desert!

If this activity was a little much for you, try some icebreakers found in our post on flirty questions to ask a guy to get closer.

Final Thoughts

The vibrant fall season sets an ideal backdrop for strengthening your connection through creativity and laughter. Rather than just grabbing mundane coffee or sitting through another formulaic movie night, try out these fun fall activities and create some exciting fall memories.

Surprise your crush with seasonal activities specifically personalized to remind him why he's so smitten with you. By Thanksgiving, he'll give thanks for having you brighten up his autumn. Keep letting your playful imaginations run wild as you continue brainstorming festive romantic fun date ideas all season long.

Don't let the cold air chill your hot chemistry. Fan the flames by filling your chilly nights with activities that warm you both, body and soul. Here's to a fall filled with fond memories in the making!

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